About Mile12 Connect

Mile12connect Is a personal shopping platform that connects people to the local market or farms at best possible price. Users can do their bulk weekly shopping by buying from farmers directly at ridiculously cheap cost compared to prices at the market or do daily purchases from the local market at “Mile 12 Price”. In addition we have registered vans that will convey these food items to your convenience at a reasonable cost

The platform maintains two different carts: mile12 cart and the farm sales/7- day cart. The mile12 cart is a daily delivery cart where items bought are delivered same day or next day latest. There are two delivery sessions daily. Items bought and submitted before noon each day are delivered same day while those bought and submitted after noon are delivered next day

On the other hand, farm sales /7- day cart is a weekly delivery cart where farmers auction their products at a very cheap price. The window opens every Sunday and closes every Thursday and all orders as at Thursday gets confirmed and pushed to users. Delivery is done on Fridays & Saturdays.

Total cost of item and shipping cost will be debited from virtual wallet as the case may be once orders are confirmed by admin


 CONVENIENCE– At Mile12connect, You dont have to bother with traffic getting to the market or the hustling and bustling you experience at the market. With mile12connect, you can shop from your smart phone or computer and get items delivered at your office or home doorstep


 BRANDING & PACKAGING- Get your food stuffs delivered in a well branded packs and vans


At mile12connect,, you will  get your food items at the lowest possible price. We call it “MILE12 PRICE’ which can always be verified offline. We equally went a step further to ensure we obtain prices from other markets randomly on a weekly basis and we refer to that as other market price. The variance between these prices shows users  cost saved by shopping on this platform.

We also work with van owners to support our in-house logistics platform, and ensure we attract business for them to make extra income.


We have a database of  farmers, farm managers and  van owners . We attract businesses for these people by connecting them to users at a cost. Also, we welcome investors in our food investment programme to create investment portfolio for them and help them manage to fetch them good return on investment


The platform has 4 main classes of customers,  three of which are maintained online while the last class is offline. The three classes online are : Pay on delivery,Gold, and Diamond . The pay on Delivery class(POD) is a class for customers who do not intend to load their virtual wallet. Payment is done on delivery as the name implies. This class has a limit on the amount user can shop per time. On the other hand, the gold users has a virtual wallet but are restricted to buy from items displayed on the dashboard while the diamond class of customers have the luxury to buy more than what is displayed. they have the option to write their shopping list the way they want it and get assigned a personal shopper who will call after customer confirms list to ask questions about their life style and how the customer wants the order.. This service attracts a service charge per transaction other than the shipping cost

The offline class is Special owambe unlimited package which is a class for customers shopping for parties or food business owners like restaurants . Orders are taken by visiting our office or sending a mail to lifestyle@mile12connect.com  to connect with one of our personal shoppers. Orders taken are delivered at customers’ doorstep


1) User signs up with correct information

2) Customer is assigned unique Customer Number

3) Load your Mile12Connect wallet by paying via bank transfer, online payment or cash deposit. Bank transfers and cash deposits will require the user to enter their customer number for easy verification. Upon confirmation of payment, the amount is added to your virtual wallet for you to shop on the platform.





4) User shops from items listed on dashboard, add items to cart and submits order.

5)User gets an email advising him/her of items bought and total cost of items.

6)Total cost of items bought, as well as the shipping cost is debited from virtual wallet after submitting order

7) Personal shoppers shop for items and deliver to delivery agents.

8)Delivery agent comes with items and a copy of the customer’s invoice, Customer can also log on to dashboard to view invoice and then reconcile items delivered with invoice.

User signs off on delivery agent’s delivery note