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The class option is to put users in different categories. We have 3 different classes maintained on the system which are PAY ON DELIVERY, GOLD & DIAMOND while the fourth class is offline

Pay on delivery- This class allows customer to shop and pay for those items on delivery

Gold customer- This is a wallet class where customer loads virtual wallet by transferring into our bank account and value swept into the virtual wallet. Here, customer can only buy from the list on their dashboard

Diamond Customer- For our diamond class of customers,, Its also a wallet class but customer can buy from the list on their dashboard and also have the menu to write a shopping list the way they want it. This means that they can write a list outside the items listed on the dashboard.

Most importantly you will have a personal shopper attached to you who will call once order is confirmed to ask questions about your lifestyle and how you want your orders delivered. This service attracts service charge per transaction

Special owambe unlimited package- This is our offline class  designed for food vendors and party orders. People who want to shop for their parties or food businesses can order for food items and get them delivered to them at a reduced shipping cost. Orders are taken by sending mail to lifestyle@mile12connect.com or drop request at our office.

There are two delivery sessions daily. The first session ends at 12 noon and delivery starts from 12 noon till evening each day while all requests after 12 noon will be delivered before 12 noon the next day.

For the farm product orders, delivery is done once a week. Order window opens on Sunday and closes on Thursday and delivery will be done on Saturday. This cart is for bulk fresh farm products. Here, minimum order quantity applies but no shipping cost is charged. The MOQ varies on different products.

Please find below some items and how they are measured

Grains are measured in congos and bags

Yam is measured per piece

Plantain and banana are measured in bunches.

Onions , tomatoes, fruits are measured in piece, small basket, medium basket and big basket

Customers are expected to credit this collection account below via cash lodgement and funds transfer stating your unique customer number in the narration during Payment. Upon confirmation of payment, value is swept to your virtual wallet for you to shop on the platform,. What you are charged per time will be total cost of items bought, cost of shipping and service charge per class if applicable

Please find below our collection account details.