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Our interest is in Plantain farming and snails. Also, we run a food investment programme for the private sector of the economy called Mile binoculars.

Mile 12 Binoculars is an investment portfolio for staff of different companies to invest in real estate and agriculture for immediate and futuristic returns. .This portfolio finds a positive relationship between real estate and agriculture. The aim of this project is to bring in people from the private sector to invest in agriculture to ensure food sufficiency.and a possibility of real estate development in the future. The Agricultural sector currently needs capital injected for food sufficiency and the private sector has been identified to have access to capital that can help in this campaign. Though with little or no time to invest,the financial resources available can be invested to yield good return higher than bank interest on savings under good management. Oyinolu Foods & E-services has strategically positioned itself to help in this area of management

How it works

Interested investor completes interest form online or offline stating area of interest from available options

Interested investor gets a date for inspection of existing sites . The investment plan is to buy farm estates in areas close to urbanization and use for farm purposes with the possibility of developing into real estate in the future. Currently, we are running this scheme in 3 states: Lagos, Ogun and Oyo

Investor buys in acre(s) or hectare(s)

Investor signs up a management agreement with the farm management company or recommended farm manager

The company comes up with a budget, help you execute the budget, assist with supervision and management of the farm, schedule you for needed training and leverage on our online market place to sell upon harvest. Technology can also be introduced to make monitoring and supervision remote and seamless This modern day approach to farming is called TELEPHONE FARMING where your physical presence every time is not needed

“Technology can reach where man cannot’

Registered investors are brought together under the umbrella of Telephone Farmer’s Club (TFC), get detailed online farm report monthly,hold bi-annual meetings to discuss update report of farms, discuss financial, expansion plans and possible low cost support funds for interested members, discuss challenges and agree steps that should be taken to ensure high yield cultivation via mechanization and technology at a shared cost

Our area of expertise as a company is plantain and snail farming. However, we have a database of professionals we can recommend to assist in other sectors of agriculture that might be of interest.


1) Minimum of 3,000 Telephone Farmers 

2) Minimum of 3,000,000 Bunches of plantain and snails yearly

3) Minimum of 108,000 Housing units in the nearest future. Assumption:Six Flats of 2 bedroom each on a plot

4) Minimum of N1,000,000.00 ROI yearly for Investors


This is a farmer’s club for people in the private sector with interest in agriculture and national development. This club has introduced technology into agriculture to make monitoring and supervision done remotely from the comfort of their offices or homes while a farm management company does the daily management from planting to harvest..

The idea of the club is to introduce more stakeholders with financial capacity to invest their savings to the campaign of food sufficiency

Eligibility for membership

1 Individual must have passion and be gainfully employed

2) Individual must be able to raise start up capital from savings

3) Individual must be willing to invest in atleast one acre of any agricultural product of choice


Each farm estate is owned by investor which is an alternative source of income and security for unforeseen circumstances

Monthly newsletter and update report on farm sent by mail(pictures)

Bi-annual meetings

Opportunity to collectively invest in technologies and equipments that can aid production and remote monitoring

Opportunity to collectively source for cheap cost loans from support agencies for expansion

Availability of vans or buses for routine physical farm inspection and movement of produce to cities.

We have shared knowledge as well as shared risk  which translates into gaining new perspectives and better collaborative options. there is synergy in participation which translates to higher productivity


NATION -This campaign does one or more of the following:

food security, , reduces high cost of food items in the market, creates more job, contributes to country’s gdp and economic growth

INVESTOR – Higher ROI than bank interest on savings , investment portfolio  is security against retirement or sudden job termination


You don’t have to empower other farmers to help end hunger in Africa. Join the league of farmers and empower YOURSELF.


What is an acre?