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Telephone Farmers’ club is a farmers group created for employees of blue chip companies with interest in agriculture. The aim of this project is to bring in people from the private sector to invest in agriculture to ensure food sufficiency.and also create a possibility of real estate development in the future. The agricultural sector currently needs capital injected into that sector for food sufficiency and the private sector has been identified to have access to capital that can help in this campaign. Though with little or no time to invest,the financial resources available through savings can be invested to yield good return on investment (ROI) higher than bank interest on savings under good management. Oyinolu Foods & E-services has strategically positioned itself to help in this area of management and also adopt a remote monitoring system using cameras


1) Member should be an employee with interest in agriculture

2) Member should be willing to invest in atleast one acre of any agricultural product


1) Members own farm estate(s) and its professionally managed by professional for effective yeild

2) Members get monthly farm update report

3) Members attend bi-annual meetings to agree on collective technologies and equipment needed to increase productivity

4) Members can collectively seek low cost loans and support funds to expand

5) The club makes provision for buses to convey members for physical inspection of farms

6) Members share knowledge as well as risk which translates to gaining new perspective and better collaborative option

7) Members leverage on mile12 connect online platform to sell farm produce


NATION- Food security, Job creation and also contributes to nation’s GDP

INVESTOR- ROI higher than interest on bank savings as well as alternative source of income


Interested investor completes form online or offline

Inspect existing location . Currently, we are running this scheme in 3 states: Lagos, Ogun and Oyo

Investor buys in acre(s) or hectare(s)

Investor signs up a management agreement with the farm management company or recommended farm manager

The company comes up with a budget and investor finances the budget

Download camera app for remote monitoring

Get monthly report

Harvest sold on mile12 market place

‘“Technology can reach where man cannot’

Our area of expertise as a company is plantain and snail farming. However, we have a database of professionals we can recommend to assist in other sectors of agriculture that might be of interest.